Parent Groups in Winnetka, IL


Join Lauren and fellow parents for a 6 session virtual small group seminar. Groups run frequently and are appropriate for parents of teens ages 10-18.

Family Therapy & Counseling in Winnetka


Parent consultation is an effective way to address childhood and family concerns. As a parent, you may have struggled for years trying to improve family relationships, unhealthy household patterns and dynamics.


Many adults seek psychotherapy or counseling because their lives are not going the way they want.  They may be dissatisfied with their pattern of relationships or searching for a sense of happiness and fulfillment that they never seem


During the time of rapid growth, change and desire for independence it can be challenging to know if a teen is struggling with “normal teen stress” or a more significant mental health problem or disorder.



Children show their emotional distress differently from adults and are often not able to communicate when they are suffering. Parents have the difficult task of looking for signs that their child needs help.