Family Therapy & Counseling in Winnetka

Family Therapy & Counseling by Lauren Gumbiner MSW LCSW

Parent consultation is an effective way to address childhood and family concerns. As a parent, you may have struggled for years trying to improve family relationships, unhealthy household patterns and dynamics. Parent consultation can help! We meet regularly (the child is usually not present) to brainstorm options for handling situations and conflicts differently. This could involve finding new ways to talk with a child or teen, creating a behavioral plan with rewards and consequences or implementing new family routines and schedules. After we brainstorm and execute a new plan, parents and I continue with follow up meetings to ensure lasting changes.

Parent consultation can be an effective way to address:

  • Parenting strategies for a “difficult child”
  • Create a coparenting plan for separated or divorced parents
  • Help a child cope with life changes such as the birth of a sibling, divorce, move or transition to a new school
  • Tension between family members or strained relationships